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life is no Nintendo games.

I cant tell you what it really is. I only can tell you what it feels like. I cant breathe but I still fight for all I can fight. But tears wont stop falling frm my eyes. God, I'm torn apart inside.
 I blame myself for letting me trust that this wont happen again. That I can always hold on to this. That no matter how hurt it really is, I always want it. Its like I'm huffing the paint and I like it. And this is where I right before I drown. I guess, I dont know my own strength. Because I love you more than before.
Do you ever love somebody that much? That you could barely breathe when you're with them. That when it comes to love, you're as blind as it is.
Time keep slipping by. My faith get low. The things that I seems to hold on to, its fade. It gets harder everyday. The promises that we make when we're happy, it seems not strong enough to kept when we're sad. Now I know we said things, did things that we didnt mean to. Every each time I ask you if you will ever leave, why you said that you wont? Where are you now? I'm not ready for this, because I trust you when you said that you wont go..

But, you dont just get another chances. Life is no nintendo game.