بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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Every single content in this heaven is just my stuff . Thalover's things . So , if you're about to bring this stuff out of this cage , every consequences are under your own responsibilities . I dont take responsibility if there are any unsatisfied things that occur because of my writing . I dont really care about what I wrote , & definitely not dealing with it . ;) -

I'm not perfect. Now or then :)

Hmmm. I dont know how to say this. And why I have to say this. Or what the right words I shud use, so that i wont hurt anybody. The things that happen to me, i mean that, sad one. - I already let them go. The scars, will always remain to be a scar. Then let it be. I wont regret. Because. I. Believe. In. Allah. Everything bad that happened to me, was my mistakes. & i learn to learn that mistakes. :) And I'm better now. Really am.

When you get cheated by someone you love the most - either they have a very good reason to do that, it still okey. When you have to set them free eventhough you know, you will be the one who hurt the most, just let it be. Because, someday. Just someday, there will be someone who comes to you, when you could be not ready to, and love you as much as you almost forgot how that love could feels. And just then. You will realise " Allah had set a path for you " .

And for me, I already forgive for everything that just happen to me. With or without I noticed it. Or maybe I just knew it just now. Because I'm just a type of girl who always get hurt by something that I should'nt & I just fine that way :) & for those who I left a scar to them, please do forgive me too. Lets just moving on. Dont be scared about the karma or something shit that they always said to scare you when you did a bad thing. Because, karma is Allah's. And He will never burden you for something you cant afford. Remember? :)

And I just wanna live my life happy-ly. Because I already in the middle of everyone that loves me. And I want to forget everything that made me sad before. Cz it worth it for something I wont lose now.

& pls lemme smile 'mcm nk kne penyepak' ni everydei