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Every single content in this heaven is just my stuff . Thalover's things . So , if you're about to bring this stuff out of this cage , every consequences are under your own responsibilities . I dont take responsibility if there are any unsatisfied things that occur because of my writing . I dont really care about what I wrote , & definitely not dealing with it . ;) -

surat untuk hati .

Dear Heart ,

I'm sorry for all damages ,
I'm a girl 
And I have a fragile heart .

Dear Heart,

I'm sorry for taking less care of you .
I'm sorry that ur the one who hurt the most .
I'm not an angel .
I do stupid things most of time .

Dear Heart ,

I'm sorry cz I dont listened to you .
I am dumb , and I am blind .
But I used to be a lover .
Every lovers will blinded their eyes 
And refuse to listen to you .
did them ?

Dear Heart ,

I do love you .
I'm so sorry .
From now on ,
I will take much care of you .
kept my promise .

psst : I loved you once . <3