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' My mouth wont say a thing, but my heart keep screaming '

Mood : Disappointed, complicated.

They say, " Dont give your heart away, you gonna break it everytime "
I say, " Thats how my heart learn how to survive.."

They say again, " He's not the one who listen to you that much "
But I keep saying, " But he's the one who will care bout me enough.. "

Then they whisper, " He's not gonna be there when you need him "
I give my word softly, " Because he needs me more, so I'll be with him.."

Whats wrong with them? They just dont get tired enough to stop talking. Then they asking,
" How do you know that he loves you so much? "

And I'll never get tired to answer the same question, twice. So I say,
" Because only I know the way he loves me"

Hey peeps, dont doubt your love. Because they dont really know how to-be-in-love. :)

Pissssssssssss yoww~!