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Tanjung Riak ; This is how I feel

In mylife, theres only one thing that I would do when I get down ; NOTHING. Ohh , sometimes , I cried. I'm a girl who spread out her tears easily , but thats never mean that , tears is my weapon . Its a weakness you fool . For those who judge me by that way , well , TYVM. (Thank You Very Much) . Well hell dude , I know you cant cry cz you have no heart , I mean , stainless steel heart . But then , dont get jealous with the rest that can express their feelings better than you . You are pathetic . Damn lunatic. But why should I listen to the shit words that you said, rite ? I have nothing to do with that . Make up your mind , please.
Dont get too proud of yourlife. Yes , I'm telling myself the same way , either. Being the sad one , theres no wrong with that . Its not the sign of losing you double fool. Isn't anyone in your wonderful , beautiful , motherF cheerful life ever told you that , good things always come later ? Triple pathetic for you. Dont think that you will always on the best side dude. Because this is life . Dont you learn from your past ? Cause I did.
I'm a girl with no revenge inside. I'm free from that kind of stuff , trust me. So then , dont worry too much , because everything that I do , theres nothing to do with you. I did because I'm hepy doing it, thats all. And how , what and why I'm doing it, I repeat it again, theres nothing to do with you.
I'm hepy with mylife now. I know, I'm too selfish sometimes, correction : Most of the time. But, everyone does. But , lets me highlite something here , that , I'll never forget those who always there for me when I have no light to lighten my dark. I have nowhere to hide. I'm here. You just have to find me , then you'll know where I am. Cz I'm going nowhere. I'm sorry for you babe , cz I'm feeling like I'm not always there for you . Atlis when you need someone to talk , the most. But I swear that I'm not leaving you , I'm here . Even that , you cant see me , but please feels my presence. I'm with you.
Wind, please take me away. Bring me to the place that no one ever bring me there. A secret place. Spring, I'm in love. For the umpteenth time, I'm in love, again. Please pray that I will have him for the rest of mylife. Because he knows that I love him , and I know that, he loves me too. Dont change it. Atlis until my end of life. And the truth is that , hes the one thing that ever make me stronger now. My dear , if you lose your trust in my love , just know that , I will never betray you. Its not that I'm not that kind of lady , or I cant . But honey , I wont. I dont want to. Cz I know , I cant stop loving you. Having you is a miracle. Then , theres no reason why I want to lose you. I'm mybe numb , but I'm not dumb. I love you so much.
For you my fren, please stop hurting my bestfren. To be truth, you already taken her smile. I never seen it since you brought her down. And I'm feeling like a freak one , cz I cant do anything for that. I'm sorry.
Hey peeps , lets smile. Cz what ever it is, we still have life, rite ? It doesn't matter how you live in it, its all about how you survive with it. And stop lying. I admit that , mylife become mess because of lies. Lie that they gave to me , and lies that I give back to them. I donnow the reasons why I did this thing. Mybe because you said that your trust are getting weaker. No no no , please dont lie . Because you know that , you have to always lie when you start one. Now , I quit. It just make everyone that I love feels bad. Wont be a liar, cz a liar is a real loser. Now I'm free from it.
My dear blogger, please dont misunderstood that, I post this entry cz I'm in a sad mode. No, I'm not. I'm hepy. Just, I want to ask you properly, stop making other's lives like a hell. Its a mess. Please be a human. Then they'll do the same to you. Thankyou for reading. Bai.