بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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Every single content in this heaven is just my stuff . Thalover's things . So , if you're about to bring this stuff out of this cage , every consequences are under your own responsibilities . I dont take responsibility if there are any unsatisfied things that occur because of my writing . I dont really care about what I wrote , & definitely not dealing with it . ;) -


The moment we know that
we are the most amazing , important
and beautiful person to someone
that love you and you love them back ,
we are the most jubilant one , ever .

But time goes by .
days on and off
years come and go
they never tell .

And comes the day
people grows
things change
Everything seems to be different
And theres nothing same anymore.

You lost him
she gone
everyone go .
you alone , again.

when you cry
pillows get wet.
when you hurt
heart turn to pieces.
when you down
mind out of sanity.

Its not a mistake to feel sad , honey.
but its illegal to live in it .

comes , we learn to survive
rather than just awake .